Thursday, February 2, 2012

Business and Personal Communication Skills - Finding Our Life Energy

Communication Skills that Provide Energy

Many times we wake up in a bad mood, not happy, maybe upset about something that happened the day before. Especially during these difficult times with the unpredictable economy and turmoil in our government, this is an excellent time to use this communication exercise. Energy deprivation also happens to us during the day and we go from functional to dysfunctional consciousness. Here is a fun exercise to try when your energy is depleted.

The exercise that I will talk about in this article is powerful and only takes 3 steps and a few seconds to execute. It can take you from being upset to being in an exuberant mood during the day.

Here are the 3 Steps:

1: Think of a need or value not being satisfied at this time.

An example of a need could be respect, safety, peace of mind, ease in what you are doing, creativity or even fun. There is a needs list at the website below. Our needs are our life energy and if they are not satisfied our energy level will dissipate. If our needs are satisfied our energy level will rise.

For example: When I think about my financial security (my need), I become upset or frustrated. My energy level lowers. My need may also be for abundance, peace of mind, safety for my finances or family, ease in my life, or to have fun with a vacation.

So there are many needs that are not being met because of my finances. Again, look at the needs list and you will see other needs that can be listed. For this exercise, I will pick one of these needs. You may do the same thing and pick a need of yours that is not being satisfied. Again it could be a different situation, yet this exercise works for any need. You'll be pleasantly surprised as your energy level raises. I will pick the need for "abundance" for this exercise.

2: Now, I will say this statement to myself, " I am abundant." My need for abundance is being satisfied."

Yes, it sounds like an affirmation. It is an affirmation. Yet, we will go a little deeper with step three. So say this to yourself, I am __________. My need for ____________is being satisfied." In the blank space place the need that is not being satisfied at this time. So, if you're need not being satisfied is for safety, say to yourself, I am safe, My need for safety is being satisfied." say it again, Say it one more time for good luck. " I am safe, my need for safety is being satisfied." Now take a deep breath, and we will go to step three.

3:Say to yourself: How is my need for safety being met? Take a deep breath, ask yourself 3 times. How is my need for safety being satisfied?

As you ask the question, you will start processing how your need for safety is being met. This is where the dramatic change may happen.

So, for clarity, here are the 3 steps.

1: Think of a need or value that is not being satisfied at this time?

2: Say to yourself. I am__________. My need for abundance is being satisfied."

3: Now ask yourself, how is this need being satisfied. Speak Slowly

These simple three steps will bring your energy back. In fact, it will probably give you even more energy than you can imagine. After you go through the three steps just let your mind imagine how this need is being satisfied in your life. You must take a few minutes and dwell on this need, and the question, how is that need being satisfied? Write down these steps and place it next to your computer. As your energy level may diminish during the day, perform the exercise and watch your energy rise. Be proactive and use it hourly to maintain your energy.

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