Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Personal Finance: Is Investing for You?

Investing your hard-earned money in financial securities such as in mutual funds is such an exciting personal finance activity that will beef up the funds that you could set aside for your future. It's a sure way to make money, because when you invest, you make your money "go to work" and "grow" more money for you almost on autopilot.

However, many people thought that investing is something that only the rich can afford to do. They thought it involves a lot of money and that it only involves participating in business ventures or the procurement of expensive real assets or properties. It's very sad that the proven ways to make money via investing are some of life's most important stuff that are not taught in schools.

Participating in legitimate financial instruments such as the stock and bond markets, unit investment trust funds (UITFs) and variable universal life insurance (VUL) used to be enjoyed only by rich people and institutional investors. However, with the advent of low cost pooled assets such as mutual funds, average people can now participate in exciting investment opportunities where their money will be put to work and grow.

Today, for only as little as P5,000, an average working class individual can set up a mutual fund account. He can also add as little as P1,000 as often as he wants to beef up the value of his investment. With pooled funds, average investors are given an affordable opportunity to participate in equity investment, or an investment allocated in stocks. This type of investment is the riskier sort, but the most exciting in that returns could be as high as 40% a year, depending of course on market conditions.

With pooled funds such as UITFs and mutual funds, investing in the financial markets has now been made more accessible and more affordable for the average working class individual. Now, getting rich has been made more accessible and easier.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Car rental abroad can be af a great benefit

Frequent travelers know how it may be important to have a car at your disposal when on a business trip or vacation. In case you happen to visit a place that doesn't feature a well-developed transport infrastructure or where you'll have to travel a lot outside the main place of your destination, renting a car is the only viable option available. Unless you are greeted by your local business partners or travel company and taken everywhere on their behalf. But if you're not that fortunate or just want to explore a new country on your own, renting a car is a must.
Apart from the obvious benefits of renting a car, there are certain aspects that you may be unaware of, which will still provide you with certain advantages. First of all, if you are the type of a person who prefers taxis, be prepared that in some countries you will be charged twice as high as the locals just for being a foreigner. Yes, this is certainly unfair and it's not highlighted officially, but you may end up having a driver who will charge you a "special" rate just for being a foreigner. And even if you're not limited by a strict budget, this is certainly a very upsetting phenomenon that still takes place in some European countries and other places around the world.
Don't forget that the place and time for renting a car is also very important. Most airports have dedicated rental services, even with several car rental companies represented in some places. Still, the pricing in such places as airports can be inadequate because of the low competition and high demand. You can easily end up paying up to 50% more for the service as compared to the rates provided by the same car rental companies somewhere in the city. So it might be not the best solution for you to rent a car right upon your arrival.
The most beneficial option for renting a car when going abroad is learning the local car rental prices beforehand over the internet or even booking a car in advance. The majority of car rental companies that provide their services to international customers always have the option of booking cars over the Internet. They will even have the car delivered to the airport at the time of your arrival. So why not taking care of things in advance and enjoying full mobility for a reasonable price?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Perception of Personal Finance

Personal finance is a new subject in our life. Managing your personal financial is very important for everyone no matter who you are, how high is your position, how big is your income and how educated you are. There is no school, college or university that provides subject on personal financial or money. If you are thinking that personal financial is as important as your health then you can think how bad our education system is. But, we should not put the blame only on the government. It is definitely our fault. I mean that if you do not want to take care of your own financial problems then you will put yourself in high level of danger. Many peoples just define money and personal financial as a taboo that should not be discussed. Peoples will not expose their money problems and it is a very bad thing if they just assume that everyone is facing the same problem as they are without any solutions. The situation shows that the problems occur because of themselves. They do not want to figure out what are the solutions that available and can be practically used in order to solve their life-time problems.

The only best teacher here is the experience. It is about your experience or other's. Both types can be used. Many peoples do not realize that they are facing financial problems. The reason is only they do not want to admit that they are having it. They just simply said that since they are having the job and the economy is good, they are doing fine. They are correct but what happens if they are losing their job or the economy is down? Then they will realize that life is not as easy as they think. The experience will become their best friend then. There are many books, journal, articles and materials that are available in the market. Those materials are describing a lot of 'thing' or experiences as I said before. They are many peoples in the world that are looking for the same information and having the same nightmares. Then managing personal financial or money matters will become something as important as their health. The equation is simple. If you are having serious financial problems then definitely it affects your health too. Thus, it is true if I said a financial matter is as important as your health. They must also open their mind for a new thing that happens in their personal financial world. The subject is having a lot of interesting things. The concepts, approaches, formula and tips are quite different. Let say if you think that you should work for money then you are in the wrong position/world. If you are planning to get a success in your financial world then the concept should be like this: the money have to work for you. It sounds weird right? But, it is the reality. You have to know how to push your money work for you. Then your life will be good as what you have dreamt before. If you do not believe this, ask the experience. It will tell you the truth. But you have to pay the price. That is definite.

Hey folks, let's make a change in our life. Get ready for a better life without financial problems. It is simply your choice either you take it or leave it. Do not worry if you are having a very serious problem with your financial. Just do your homework and do a practical of what you have learnt. It should be a very interesting way of learning. Trust me, bro!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Personal Finance 15 - Other Investment Vehicles

As we mentioned in a previous article, we know that our government only represents about 30% of our retirement income, the company retirement pension plan offers another 30% and many of us do not have one. It is up to individuals to invest wisely short and long term in order to make up for the short fall if he or she would like to live comfortably after retirement without giving up some retirement plans. In this article, we will discuss Other Investment vehicles.

Beside investing in short, long term certificates and equity market of some public companies, investors may invest their money in private companies (non public), mortgage security of amusement parks, as well as certain private bonds.

Remember, all these types of investment are presented without following any guide line of the security laws and you are the one that have to make the decision. It is wise to ask for additional information from such companies to reduce risk.

These types of private investment usually pay a higher interest rate, but remember the higher the return, the higher risk.

1. Amusement park investment
For what ever reasons, some companies can not borrow money or don't want to borrow money from financial institutions, may pool some of their real estate assets and use that as collateral for a first mortgage bond issue with higher than market interest rate and guaranteed by the companies. Normally, under this types of offer, the companies will only present the independent asset assessment, history of company business and years of experience in such business in the prospectus, it is up to the investor to decide that type of offer is worth to invest.

2. Real estate pooling
For the reasons above, some private real estate companies pool together some of their residential real estates and use that pool of asset as first mortgage for a bond issue.

3. Over counter stocks
Some private companies can not list their companies in public stock exchange may offer their stock in over counter stock exchange. These types of stock use to be bought by investment dealers and re sell them to their clients.

4. Your personal real estate
Real estate always remains an investment option. As you retire, your paid-up home represents a major investment and you can gain extra equity through a home equity loan. Many institution will be happy to lend you the money if you use your home as collateral.

The equity from your home allows you to borrow money to invest in the equity markets and the interests are tax deductible.