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about tattoo zodiac design

Picking the Right Artwork For You

A Zodiac tattoo design is something that you have most likely put a lot of thought into. It doesn't matter which sign you are, there are so many special and different things that you can incorporate them on your body. If you are like most other people, you are looking for your artwork on the internet, also. Well, here is what you must know about much of the generic designs on the web, as well as how to locate the good stuff.

The first thing th`t needs to be brought up is the fact that there are still way to many people out there who are settling on designs that they are not completely happy with. I am talking about before they even get it inked. The yare picking artwork that they don't 100% like and they are getting it inked on their body. Don't ask me why some folks do it, because they just do. This might even happen with the Zodiac tattoo design they you choose, who knows.

When looking for that Zodiac tattoo design online, here is what you need to watch for...

The first and only thing that you need to know about has to do with the tools you are using to locate your Zodiac tattoo design. I am talking about search engines, which is what 98% of the people ion the web use to locate designs for tattoos. Using search engines to find a quality Zodiac tattoo design is a bad choice. Notice that I used the word "quality". That is because search engines don't bring you to very many websites that have true quality content. You can use the engines to find just about anything on earth, but relying on them to find quality tats is not something that happens very often.

I remember at time in the near past that you could actually use the right keywords in Google and up would pop the sites that you truly wanted. That doesn't happen much anymore, especially when it comes to finding good artwork for tattoos. Finding a good Zodiac tattoo design while using Google is like trying to shave with a banana. Almost every single place that you find through search engines will be cookie-cutter websites that have mostly generic art

This is art that wasn't even truly drawn to be made into real .tattoos. That's why they don't come out as good on yours skin as it looked on paper. Many people don't realize it, but by then it is a little bit too late. That will be a Zodiac tattoo design that you might just end up hating on your body in a few years time. Not only that, but most of the tattoos you find thorough Google and Yahoo are way over seven/eight years old. Old tattoos aren't necessarily a bad thing sometimes, but it is a bad thing if you are looking for the newest of the new stuff.

Here is how to locate any quality Zodiac tattoo design you want with minimal work...

There are many things in life that you can settle on. But tattoos are not even close to being one of them. I have seen it so many times where people rush into their decision and settle on something "just to get it done". This is why you will want to find out just how useful an internet forum can be at finding quality artwork for your Zodiac tattoo design. I say this as someone who continues to use them to this day and am never disappointed. Forums are absolutely loaded with unique insider knowledge about tattoos and the hidden websites that have tons of it, even for a Zodiac tattoo design.
Cancer tattoo,tattoo

You will find many posts and links to sites that have just what you are looking for. The best part about it is that these tend to be the places that have real artwork that was drawn by real artists. This means you will be able to find a zodiac tattoo design that will look just as good inked on your body as it looked on paper.

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Rihanna Tattoo NEW

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Tattoo Design-Lower Back Tattoos

Lower back tattoos gained popularity in the early 90’s amongst females belonging to the age group of 18-25. The tattoos craze then grew vastly and has grown to such an extent that large parts of the population today, including both men and women have a tattoo on their lower back. The tattoos are, at large considered as an integral part of the personality of an individual.

A tattoo on the lower back reflects the attitude of the individual and for a woman speaks specifically of her sexual attractiveness as the tattoo is so designed to highlight her figure.The prime reason for their popularity is that the lower back gives the designer a large area to embark the tattoo upon. As a result of this, the individual can have bigger and broadertattoo designs on their lower back.

Also, the lower back goes under very few changes in size even when the individual sporting the tattoo has a change in weight. An individual can select a design according to his or her preferences and likes. Sexy Lower back tattoos are essentially an expression of the attitude of an individual.An individual should however always keep in mind the time span he is willing to sport the tattoo and should then select the design accordingly.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Best Tattoo Designs

Best Tattoo Designs part 1
Best Tattoo Designs part 2
Best Tattoo Designs part 3
Best Tattoo Designs part 4
Selecting The Best Tattoo Design

Getting a tattoo for the first time? Not so fast. Have you decided what kind of tattoo and design you want? Are you sure about your pick? How many times did you think about it? You should not act on impulse because there is no need to rush. It's not like you can't remove a tattoo once it has been "encrypted" on your body anymore. But still, having it is a great deal and you surely don't want to end up with an ugly design that you selected in seconds.

First, find a reliable online tattoo gallery. There are a lot of galleries online, but not all of them are worth your time and money. We did the research and found that Chopper Tattoo is worth considering. They provide you with the largest selection of award-winning online tattoo designs. Picking designs from their database is easy because their designs have been arranged by categories. They also have a tattoo finder based on the size and color of the tattoo.

Second, find the right design, There are thousands of tattoo designs that fall into different categories. Some of the tattoo categories are Abstract, Belly Button, Religious, Tribal, Lower Back and Dragon. You could be missing the best design if you limit yourself to one category. The more choices you have, the closer you are in nailing the ultimate design. You may also expand your search online and check out other galleries. Two other galleries we reviewed are Tattoo Me Now and LA Ink Tattoo Designs, each with over 3,500 tattoo designs in their collection.

Once you are done with your little research, trim your choices down to your top ten designs. Then compare the designs to each other. Ask yourself what do you want? Do you want the simplest or the unique design? Remember, the more complicated your design is, the longer and the more painful the tattoo session will be. When you have finally decided which design you would be willing to show off in the next 10 or 20 years of your life, all that's left to do is find a reliable tattoo artist that will do the job for you.

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new tribal tattoo is perfect
new tribal tattoo is perfect
new tribal tattoo is perfectnew tribal tattoo is perfectnew tribal tattoo is perfect

More on Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are most likely the most popular tattoo designs these days. These tattoos among their dark colors plus distinctive patterns create spectacular body artwork intended for both for men and women. These designs are geometrical with aggressive decorative lines that contain toothed sides. They are generally etched in shades of bold colors like black as well as blue. Tribal tattoos are unique in general and the artwork do not depict any explicit object. These patterns are simply curvy creative examples of inked artwork.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Popular Art of Body Painting

Women Body Paint Pictures
Women Body Paint
Women Body Paint

Women Body Paint
Women Body Paint

Women Body Paint
Women Body Paint
Adult Body Painting - What's the Fuss About?

Did you ever want to be a cowboy? Maybe a rain forests? What about trading your skin in to become a seductive tigress ready to pounce on fresh meat? Well, whatever your adult fantasy may be, adult body painting may be the temporary and fun solution.

Though this art form has been around for centuries, many people haven't tuned-in to this creative outlet. Some people claim that body painting is actually the oldest art form (Considering that people were painting their bodies pre-anno domini. Just think of early century Egyptians). And, with adult body painting companies and artist all around the globe, one would probably have little difficulty finding an artist close by.

Adult body painting is an art that uniquely transforms your everyday skin into a beautiful picturesque scene or life form. How? Glad you asked. By using safe, FDA approved make-up, oils, and other various paints and applying it directly to your skin. Any part of your skin. Oh yes, that's right, any part. Body painting artists are extremely professional and willing to cover any part of your body that you so desire, from head to toe. Or, if you can't make your mind up on which body part to paint, you can have your entire body brushed with a plethora of colors that completely disguises the real you underneath. Unless, of course, you really are Smokey the Bear. Which can be done. By method of airbrushing, painting, and drawing, your body can soon be entirely transformed into your fantasy.

Depending on the piece of art you choose, the process can take from a few minutes to a few hours. The Hanging Gardens weren't grown in fifteen minutes and either is the mastery of adult body painting when given the task of turning you into a fire-breathing dragon. Which can also be done.

However, don't misunderstand. Not all body painting means having to get nude. In fact, any small portion of your skin can be painted into a beautiful piece. For instance, many people who want to see what a tattoo would look like on the arm, hand, foot, shoulder, neck, or elsewhere often choose to have their body painted first to make sure they will like it for the rest of their lives. Others just appreciate the art and have paintings done on parts of their body for display or to be kept private. Whatever the case may be, there really is not a limit to what a person can have painted on their body. A butterfly or the Sears Tower, or anything in between.

Body painting typically will last for a couple of days and can easily be removed. Because body painting is not permanent, you have the option to become many things over the course of time. The only thing that should be holding you up from getting painted is choosing what you want to be next!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Girl Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Girl Explored

The rose BeautyThe rose Beauty
Getting a feminine tattoo shouldn't limit your design ideas. There are many tattoos that work great for women, though they may seem traditionally better suited as male designs. Now days the design selection has grown, and the quality art work has improved greatly as well. This provides girls with a whole new selection of great ink to choose from. Here are some great girl tattoo ideas:

1. Butterfly

Butterfly tattoo art can be very bold and beautiful. The colors can really pop out, and butterflies can be beautiful feminine artwork for the skin.

2. Flower

Flower tats don't have to be simple rose designs. There are many different options with flowers.. My favorite is including numerous, colorful flowers into one design.

3. Star

Stars are great for both women and men. They symbolize strength and direction, and you have many options such as the classic nautical star, or more modern star designs. Some options for girl tattoo ideas are a variety of smaller star tats, grouped together, in different colors. Perhaps each one could represent something or someone in your life.

4. Dragon

Yes, dragons can be extremely feminine and they make for great girl tattoo ideas! Some of the sexiest ink out there are dragon tats on females. They represent strength and power, and have a mystical nature about them as well.

5. Tribal

Tribal designs can work great as a girl tat. There are tribal designs that are more feminine and even some that incorporate flowers into the tribal design. You can also get a tribal design to surround an existing tattoo or incorporate it in another design altogether.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Girls Tattoos - What Are They Really All About

arm tattoosSo you want to get a girls tattoo? The art of "inking" has been around since time began but in the early days at least the tattoos where for the men folk only. It is only recently in the few decades that tattooing women has become accepted as the norm in our society. This has been driven by our female celebrities and socialites giving the tattoo its place as a thing of beauty and something to be proud of and not hidden
arm tattoosIn past times however any woman with a tattoo was branded as someone with low morals or a rebel against society. How times have changed with celebrity endorsement? However girls being girls still prefer girls tattoos that are feminine and they vary quite a lot from the male tattoo designs that are the norm. That is not to say that girls do not like aggressive tattoos and some get huge parts of their bodies inked but the majority get only a small tattoo and most only ever get one.
arm tattoosWhere do you place your first tattoo?

The most popular place girls get tattoos is on their back, shoulders, lower back and ankles. Chinese tattoos are also very popular on the insides of the arms and these always have a significance to the person. This could be their star sign or their date of birth or even their Childs name. Getting your lovers name tattooed on your body is not really recommended as the tattoo is for life whereas your lover could be gone in the morning and you don't want that!
arm tattoosMost popular girl tattoos.

1. Flower tattoos: These are a very popular girly tattoo design as flowers have a natural beauty and are very feminine.
arm tattoos2. Star and shooting star tattoos: These are one of the oldest tattoo symbols and can have a strong symbolic meaning.

3. Butterfly tattoos: Girls love butterflies and are perhaps the most popular for a girl tattoo.

4. Fairy tattoos: Fairies are said to have magical powers, so it's easy to see where the appeal of fairy tattoos comes from.

5. Heart tattoos: Hearts are the symbol of love and romance and very popular with girls.

6. Dragonfly tattoos: The dragonfly is one of the most popular insect tattoos a girl can get.

7. Dolphin tattoos: The dolphin tattoo again is very high on the lhst. Dolphins embody signs of intelligence, benevolence, and fun, no wonder 'swimming with the dolphins' is a much sought-after experience.

8. Zodiac tattoos: As many people believe in astrology, having your own zodiac sign tattooed is a good option. As mentioned earlier these zodiac signs can also be recreated in Chinese style writing.

These are the most popular types of designs for girls tattoos but there is no hard and fast choice as each tattoo is very personal to the person but whatever you decide to get think carefully as a tattoo is for life.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Angel Tattoo Designs - Advice, Hints and Tips When Looking at Angel Tattoo Designs

Favored between preferred designs with regard to females around the globe are usually angel tattoos. They're extremely adaptable plus can be used to develop several special styles in different methods. Angels stand for a number of different meanings to different people, and are observed to be the most stunning heavenly creatures. You will discover lots of angel tattoo designs within professional studios or perhaps on the internet and adjust the design to match your preference.

In the Hebrew bible angels are generally messengers from god and carry some sort of mark of having a high plane of existence. Recognized for their magnificence all through books and also fine art, angels are seen for being really precise and delicately depicted, exhibiting their particular smooth, interesting nature. This is generally translated upon angel tattoo designs wherever many decide to display the real character connected with a powerful angel and thus will demonstrate this in a very in depth design.

Diverse Kinds of Angel tattoo designs.

Angel tattoos might be fine-tuned and effortlessly tailor-made to match the particular wearer's inclination. They are recognized to own big wings that are predominantly the focus of the particular skin icon having a in depth design, generally symmetrically illustrated. The wings can also be used in the design to show an initial or symbol if the person so wishes.

When you find yourself looking through a wide range of angel tattoo designs, make sure you observe the colors attached to additional layouts as this will help you whenever searching for precisely what color to possess. Colors may have a stronger message also and will mean several good fortune to various persons. Most people are likely to use lots of colours whenever acquiring angel tattoo designs because it is so precise and complex. The actual impact an angels wings have can be significantly elevated with lots of color. Quite a few colors may supplement people greater so provide yourself plenty of time in selecting what color scheme you may employ. It is always beneficial to pick some sort of main color intended for your style and design and then using this color as a base whereby to settle on your own secondary colors.

Angel designs can be possibly significant within scale or modest and happen to be witnessed on various areas of the body so are growing a lot more liked by females. Little angel tattoos can be noticed upon a variety of body parts like the wrist, ankle along with stomach whilst bigger angel tattoos have also been noticed more on the upper arm, shoulder blade, and back.

You will find thousands of tattoo designs available all distinctive in there very own way, plus effortlessly adjustable to make an individual's chosen pattern.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tribal Tattoo Designs - The Most Popular Tattoos in the World

Tribal tattoo designs are among the most ancient and the most popular in the world. Just imagine: every third person who makes a tattoo design chooses a them. One of the secrets is that tribal tattoos have a great number of meaning that mostly depends on the region, culture and the form and style itself. So everyone can choose a tribal tattoos that will pass to his character and will reveal his personality and individuality. Furthermore, they always look stylish, they are thousands of years old and they will never go out of fashion.

Tribal tattoo designs were made since the most ancient times. The name "tribal" says for itself. They are popular all over the world though they differ significantly from culture to culture. Tribal designs can be easily distinguished by wide black lines often symmetrically oriented.
Tribal tattoos had different meanings but they always revealed the status of the owner and were never made without meaning. For Indian tribes tattoos were symbols of their beliefs and spirit. In earlier times tattoos were also often made as signs of protection. For Hawaiians such designs were mark of identification, as today's passports. They showed the origin and the place of the owner in social hierarchy. For Polynesians tattoo designs were sacred because they were closely connected with their religion and beliefs. Tattoos in Polynesia are a tradition that lasts for thousand years. Tattoo masters always were highly respected an tattoos themselves were a privilege of priests and chiefs. Such traditional tattoo designs were made with shark teeth and fish bones and always revealed the social status of their owner.

Different animals are mostly often used in tribal tattoos. Earlier animals often were totems. Nowadays the choice of animal also determines the meaning of the design. Butterflies symbolize lightness and at the same time immortality of spirit. They are mostly made by women because of their beauty, but in some cultures butterflies symbolize the soles and are butterfly tattoos are made in remembrance of relatives or beloved people. Bear tattoo designs symbolize power and at the same time good nature. Men often make them for luck.

Eagles are often associated with freedom and might. On the whole, animal tattoo is usually chosen by the character of the animal, because they reveal and emphasize the main traits of the owner and his individuality. In earlier times tattoos were often though to have magic meaning that's why the choice was especially important. Today form, size and style of the design also matters. But of course the meaning of tribal tattoo designs also depends on the cultural background. One and the same animal could be a symbol of war for American Indians and a totem for Polynesians. So, nowadays the meaning of tribal design is very individual. The choice of tattoo can tell you a lot about the person. Tribal tattoos not only look stylish they have a deep meaning and reveal the individual character of the owner.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Red Dragon Tattoo Hidden Meanings

You may find it boring to go for black colored tattoos because you can actually go for a wide range of choices when it concerns the color. One of the most famous is the red dragon tattoo. The dragon is a very famous symbol among Asian people because of its character of toughness, individuality, and strength. Because of its shape, people can put this design anywhere on the body and still be confident that it will look good on it. Indeed, you can have it on your back, on your wrist, at your back, or even at your chest. It is totally up to you!

Red dragon tattoo is famous because it gives the wearer the unique character that everyone would like to get from a skin imprint. Now, if you still cannot decide whether you are going for this design, then you might want to know its hidden meaning first:

1. The color red is a symbol of toughness - If you see yourself as the tough man among your neighborhoods then getting this tattoo will complement your personality. The red is a fierce and strong color. On the other hand, men wearing a red tattoo are seen as the ones romantic by the women. There is probably something on that color which girls can associate to libido. For this reason, red tattoos are very popular among tough guys.

2. The dragon is a symbol of strength - The dragon is a famous mythological creature which symbolizes strength. For this reason, you can go for the red dragon tattoo if you intend to showcase the attitude of bravery.

3. Red tattoos for girls show sexiness - Some girls would opt for this kind of design for the reason that boys find it sexy. So in order to boost sex appeal and confidence, girls would normally go for this kind of design among any other.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Panther Tattoo Designs - A Unique and Mesmerizing Style

What It Signifies?

Panther is a symbol of beauty with elegance and class. Coming from the cat family, these animals are found to be closely linked to the puma, jaguar and even a leopard. Club this with the fact that they are fearsome and savage creatures; they have invoked the fancy of the world for their serenity and leadership traits. Its subtle beauty, yet fierce nature are the two contrasting features which the artists have tried to capture and portray by these amazing and unique panther tattoo designs.
These designs have takers all over the world, be it men or women. The animals' cardinal quality of ferociousness clubbed with its aesthetics and splendor has attracted many a beholder and tattoo aspirant alike. Add to this, the panthers with their luscious, shiny black fur, collectively known as black panthers, and you have that unique appeal for mesmerizing many.

Beholders Have Their Own ReasonOne of the cardinal reasons that men are attracted to this form of tattooing is the very nature of a black panthers' ferocious instinct. There is a certain savageness that men link with their masculinity, thereby making it a prized possession and a useful medium to get across to the women, a forewarning of their inherent trait.

Women are also significant takers of the tattoo. Though beauty is a basic reason, the mystery and primal factor pervades, often compelling them to show off shades of their wild self. A woman sporting a panther tattoo wants to flaunt this streak in her, which men are today hankering after.

Tattooing It Right

While panthers exude a character of their own, the different poses of the tattoo can still convey myriad shades of the person. A black panther is in a class of its own, when compared to its yellow counterpart. A panther in a resting pose reflects the calm but alert nature of the tattoo owner, while a picture of an attacking pose signifies a trait of brutality in the wearer of panther tattoo designs. A running pose shows its active nature, while just the face of the animal can be equally charming and thought-provoking. Also its thick tattooing process helps in covering up the previous tattoos, thereby avoiding all hassles of running two tattoos in your favorite spot.

Receiving The Honors

Looking at the composure of a panther, which has naturally glimmering black shiny furs, panther tattoo designs are ideal for beautiful curves running along the human body. As per popular practice, panther tattoo designs are mostly worn on the wrists, shoulders and back. In addition to this, it looks authentic and appealing, when the space covered by this type of tattoo runs over a larger area, rather than a small patbh, which masks the whole process.

Though it is only takes a little while for the panther tattooing procedure to be done, the final call and adjustments are taken by the person who is going to be the proud owner of the tattoo. He/she needs to convince themselves on its vital positioning. This has been the reason why glimpses of such tattoos have been visible in other prominent parts of the human physique like the neck, back, thigh, ankle, etc. Just a few lines of caution though; make sure that the fruits of your efforts are visible to every naked eye.

Jessyica B Walsh has been awed by the world of tattoos and the different expressions attributed to each design,which are meant to convey a special message from the wearer to the world at large. She has been studying tattoo culture deeply for some time now and has become an expert in the subject, and now spends a major part of her time advising tattoo aspirants on the selection of the tattoos based on their individual characters, for which purpose, she has opened her highly informative website...