Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Panther Tattoo Designs - A Unique and Mesmerizing Style

What It Signifies?

Panther is a symbol of beauty with elegance and class. Coming from the cat family, these animals are found to be closely linked to the puma, jaguar and even a leopard. Club this with the fact that they are fearsome and savage creatures; they have invoked the fancy of the world for their serenity and leadership traits. Its subtle beauty, yet fierce nature are the two contrasting features which the artists have tried to capture and portray by these amazing and unique panther tattoo designs.
These designs have takers all over the world, be it men or women. The animals' cardinal quality of ferociousness clubbed with its aesthetics and splendor has attracted many a beholder and tattoo aspirant alike. Add to this, the panthers with their luscious, shiny black fur, collectively known as black panthers, and you have that unique appeal for mesmerizing many.

Beholders Have Their Own ReasonOne of the cardinal reasons that men are attracted to this form of tattooing is the very nature of a black panthers' ferocious instinct. There is a certain savageness that men link with their masculinity, thereby making it a prized possession and a useful medium to get across to the women, a forewarning of their inherent trait.

Women are also significant takers of the tattoo. Though beauty is a basic reason, the mystery and primal factor pervades, often compelling them to show off shades of their wild self. A woman sporting a panther tattoo wants to flaunt this streak in her, which men are today hankering after.

Tattooing It Right

While panthers exude a character of their own, the different poses of the tattoo can still convey myriad shades of the person. A black panther is in a class of its own, when compared to its yellow counterpart. A panther in a resting pose reflects the calm but alert nature of the tattoo owner, while a picture of an attacking pose signifies a trait of brutality in the wearer of panther tattoo designs. A running pose shows its active nature, while just the face of the animal can be equally charming and thought-provoking. Also its thick tattooing process helps in covering up the previous tattoos, thereby avoiding all hassles of running two tattoos in your favorite spot.

Receiving The Honors

Looking at the composure of a panther, which has naturally glimmering black shiny furs, panther tattoo designs are ideal for beautiful curves running along the human body. As per popular practice, panther tattoo designs are mostly worn on the wrists, shoulders and back. In addition to this, it looks authentic and appealing, when the space covered by this type of tattoo runs over a larger area, rather than a small patbh, which masks the whole process.

Though it is only takes a little while for the panther tattooing procedure to be done, the final call and adjustments are taken by the person who is going to be the proud owner of the tattoo. He/she needs to convince themselves on its vital positioning. This has been the reason why glimpses of such tattoos have been visible in other prominent parts of the human physique like the neck, back, thigh, ankle, etc. Just a few lines of caution though; make sure that the fruits of your efforts are visible to every naked eye.

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