Friday, January 20, 2012

Why Winning the Money Game Takes Discipline and Personal Finance Secrets Are Worthless

Are you sick of hearing countless schemes and gurus whispering the need for personal finance secrets? The truth is none of those fancy plans are needed. The following article will explain why winning the money game takes discipline and personal finance secrets are worthless.

Today's economic landscape is filled with advice about how you should best invest your money, whether in the stock market, a marketing scheme, precious metals investing, real estate, or some other fancy plan for creating wealth. Have you ever noticed that they usually mention very little about the risks involved in such ventures, often making it seem that they are sure bets and your financial rewards await all those who even try.

Well the reality of these investment schemes for wealth building is often very different. The stock market can drop, companies can go out of business, the market can fall out from under real estate, businesses can fail, the list is endless. Any personal finance advice that doesn't involve sensible research on your part, responsibility for your money and your choices, and financial discipline is to be avoided.

Don't misunderstand me. I am not averse to risk and winning the money game involved managed risk on a continual basis for true success. But the truth about personal finance is that there are very few true secrets, and if there are any at all, it is the sound advice that has resounded as common sense for generations.

Winning the money game and creating financial increase in your life requires discipline and attention to your finances. Spend less money than you earn each month, and do not live beyond your current means. I believe in big dreams, huge dreams in fact, but winning the money game requires living in your reality of now while you work to create your reality of tomorrow.

Personal finance is not about the next big secret investment that will earn you tons of money fast. Rather with sound financial practices and following the rules of money you will be able to increase your wealth over time regardless of your current income or situation. Sound practices of saving, and creating value in all your interactions will head you in the right direction towards winning the money game every time.

Budget your time, create a financial goal that will inspire you and have the discipline to take action towards your goal each and every day. Simple disciplines that have profound consequences on your personal finances.

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